Plea Submission

You may contact us via mail at:
Waukesha Municipal Court
201 Delafield Street
Room 201
Waukesha, WI 53188

Not Guilty
If you are entering a not guilty plea, please include your ticket number and the court date indicated on the ticket if possible.

Ticket Number
The ticket number is located in the upper center of a traffic ticket beginning with a letter. If this is not a traffic ticket, the number is in the upper right hand corner.

Court Date
The court date is indicated either in the upper left hand corner or bottom center.

Pretrial Date
Do not appear on the date listed on your citation. The court will notify you by mail the week after the date on your ticket with a pretrial date.


Fax a not guilty plea and a copy of your ticket to (262) 650-2570

More Information
For more information, email the Municipal Court or call 262-524-3705.