Concrete Sewer Lining Projects

During the 2017 Construction Season there will be 2 separate Concrete Sewer Lining Projects. They will be depicted as the West Project and the East Project:

These projects will involve reconstructing or repairing manholes as needed, cleaning the sewers, installing a structural liner in the sewer, sealing the joint between private service laterals and the public sewer, and any restorations that may be necessary as a result of the work.

The actual installation of the structural liner normally requires less than 24 hours to complete for each pipe section. During this time, service lateral connections will be sealed off at the sewer main in the street. Once the liner is installed, the service lateral will be reopened and sewer use can return to normal. If a resident’s lateral connection will be impacted by the work, they will be asked to make limited use of their toilet facilities and refrain from doing laundry during the time period that the service lateral is sealed off. A few days prior to installing the liner, the contractor will place a notice on the resident’s door as to the actual date and time of the limited water use period.

Concrete Sanitary Sewer Lining – East Project

Project Update October 13, 2017

This project involves rehabilitating the concrete sanitary sewers using a trenchless lining process along a section of Jefferson Ave, along Gail St, along sections of White Rock Ave, and along a section of Perkins Ave. Sanitary manholes will also be repaired as needed.

This week, the contractor finished the lateral grouting in the 36” sewer on White Rock Ave. All lateral grouting is now complete. Manholes were rehabilitated on Jefferson Ave. Pavement patching on White Rock continued. Following the adjustment of the railroad tracks on White Rock by CN, the crossing approaches were paved.

Next week concrete patching will continue on White Rock Ave and Perkins Ave. The patching should be close to complete by the end of the week.

The project has been contracted to Visu-Sewer, W230 N4855 Betker Drive, Pewaukee, WI. Work is to begin in the spring with the project complete by October 6.

Contact Information:
Jonathan Schapekahm, P.E.
Project Engineer/CMOM Coordinator
City of Waukesha

Concrete sewer lining location map EAST


Concrete Sanitary Sewer Lining – West Project


The West Project is complete.


 As part of the City’s sanitary sewer maintenance program, the sanitary sewer from the intersection of S. Comanche Ln & Crestwood Dr to the Clean Water Plant has been rehabilitated using a trenchless lining process. The sewers ranged in size from 15 inches to 30 inches in diameter with a total length of approximately 9,700 feet.
The lining process does not involve the time consuming, disruptive, and expensive excavation that digging up and replacing the sewer would require. The project was contracted to Visu-Sewer, W230 N4855 Betker Drive, Pewaukee, WI. Work began on February 6 and has been completed.

Concrete sewer lining location map WEST