Proposed Fire Station No. 3 and Police Substation and Sanitary Sewer Extension

Project Update: Dec. 1, 2017





The pavement on the site has been completed and the lines have been painted.  Drywall has been installed and paint can start next week.  The overhead doors are scheduled to be delivered next week and will be installed as soon as they arrive. The final site grading is almost complete, and the plant beds have been filled with topsoil, but the plants will not be planted until Spring.

River Valley Rd Sanitary Extension and Access Rd to Building

The access road is complete and restoration is final.  The only outstanding portion of this project is the installation of the beacon warning system, which will not be completed until the end of January 2018.

picture 3
The Westerly drive into the church has been closed to church traffic and is being used for construction traffic. 

Contact Information:
Katie Jelacic, P.E.
Project Engineer
262-349-6511 (c)

Sewer Extension:
Chris Langemak, P.E.
Project Engineer
262-349-6512 (c)

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