N. Grandview Blvd. & Northview Rd. Intersection Improvements

WisDOT ID 2718-03-71
Update 6/16/2017  


The City of Waukesha and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation are partnering to construct improvements to the intersection of N. Grandview Blvd. & Northview Road intersections.  This safety improvement project will replace the existing traffic signals, extend existing left turn lanes and improve the crosswalks and curb ramps.


The contractor continues to work on installing new traffic signal underground conduit and bases.  The concrete contractor continues to work on sidewalk and installing islands.

Grandview ExhibitGrandview overallSmaller
On Monday June 19, it is anticipated that the contractor will be switching the temporary traffic lanes to the outside and will be working on the inside of the roadway removing medians and preparing for concrete and asphalt paving.  

This project is expected to be completed by July 31, 2017.  During the construction, drivers should expect delays and seek other routes.  Message boards and signing will be installed to alert drivers.  Some traffic movements may be restricted for short periods of time during the construction.  Every effort will be made to maintain all driveway movements at all times.

Your patience with this construction project is greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me with other comments, questions, or concerns.

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